Team Cozy
14 September 2016

This was a personal project imagining a series of email marketing campaigns for Team Cozy.

Team Cozy is a community of creatives pushing the boundaries of visual story-telling while living a life full of cozy-ness.

Functioning as both a full fledged digital agency and apparel brand, Team Cozy is a leading voice in streetwear and photography.


Email #1: Collection Launch

Email #1: Collection Launch

This email’s purpose is to announce the launch of a new collection.

This email breaks away from traditional marketing templates to adopt a layout reminiscent print look books.

The overlaying images convey a “table top” atmosphere – that the images should be treated as standalone photographs and not simply accompanying graphics.

The non-linear layout paired with minimal branding and text copy strongly emphasize the email imagery, done to intentionally highlight the creative agency’s photographic skillset.

Email #2: Marketing

Email #2: Marketing

This email’s purpose is marketing existing product and announcing team projects.

The open and mysterious vibe of the hero image is complemented with minimal branding and a simple “Shop Now” CTA button.

The product row leverages existing images from the Team Cozy website. Each product is paired with a “Shop Now” CTA button to offer multiple entry points.

The final panel in the email showcases “Songs To Get Cozy To”, an on-going mix series. The rectangle panel is a familiar ad shape and also includes a “Listen” CTA to emphasize its clickable nature.

Email #3: Newsletter

Email #3: Newsletter

This email’s purpose is highlighting team content and community news. A secondary purpose is to provide an additional exposure point to shop Team Cozy product.

The hero section focuses on team member Michael Salisbury and a feature about the photographer. The text copy is 2 paragraphs vs. the standard 1 paragraph in the previous marketing emails, intentionally lengthened to create an editorial atmosphere.

The final panel in the email showcases the “Exposure” collection, offering a purchasing opportunity at the end of the email.