14 September 2016

True&Co is an intimate apparel brand that uses real-world data and algorithms to design better fitting bras.

The brand wanted to refresh their homepage with a more contemporary vibe using modern design language.

Working with the Head of Marketing, I designed the following desktop and mobile layouts.

The designs went live in August 2016.






There were 3 goals for the redesign:

1. Showcase True&Co’s many product categories with modern design language

2. Feature customer posts from Instagram

3. Highlight True&Co’s bra fit consultation services


The redesign prominently features a mosaic pattern, allowing each of the different product categories visual representation on the page when first loaded.

This differs from the previous carousel dominant design that only allowed 1 product category to be featured at a time.

The second section features social media posts from True&Co customers.

The Instagram posts link to directly to the relevant product page, creating an immediate purchasing opportunity.

The final section highlights True&Co’s fit consultation services, a key brand differentiator in the intimates market.

The menu-like presentation shows the different consultations options in an approachable aesthetic.